Saturday, June 12, 2010

Experiments in the Rough City.

Ever since I saw the new Alice and Wonderland, I've been borderline obsessed with girly things that I would have scoffed at before. I suddenly love tulle, big skirts, and flowery dresses. As a kid, I wanted desperately to be a boy and had nothing but disdain for girliness. I suppose this is my backlash.

I scored this F21 dress a while ago and have worn it here and there. I also have a tulle skirt I bought a few months ago for a party. I've been itching to sneak it into my regular wardrobe. I had a few hours free today before launching into my evening, so I decided to walk around the shopping area next to my apartment and try it out. To be fair, I knew going in that I live in one of the richest areas in the city, and that people around here are pretty conservative and laid back.

At first I wore it with the underskirt hidden underneath, creating a bit more fullness in the skirt. People stared at me the entire time I was out. Curious as to whether the stares were disapproval at how short the skirt was (a bit too), I tugged the tulle out a bit. I was really pleased with how flouncy everything got, and felt a lot more comfortable without worrying if my butt was showing.

People still stared.

You would have thought that I was wearing Saran Wrap and Crisco, the way people watched me. It's just a quirky dress, people. Anthropologie salespeople snuck weird looks, though Urban Outfitters staff were less phased.

I got serious validation, however, at Betsey Johnson. I kind of thought they'd like it, but was not expecting the "Oh my god, you're SO cute!!" squeal as I entered. Those salesgirls are very aloof and cold generally, so I felt like a mini rockstar, cracking their snobby facade.

The boots are Steve Madden, and I recently purchased them to replace the Target replicas I had. I wore the Target ones to death, and it was really starting to show. I was excited to get a better quality (not awesome, but still leather) pair, but these are actually less comfy. Rats.

Here's the dress without the underskirt (definitely less cool, in my opinion):

I realize this outfit is a bit out of the box, but I didn't expect the big reaction of Is She Nuts?? that I got. The only people to show me love were the Betsey Johnson girls and some Japanese students (thanks for the full turn-around as I passed, guys). One woman (who we will politely say looked very stereotypically Midwestern) whispered to a friend sarcastically, "That's hot," in her best Paris Hilton impression. Really, lady?


  1. I don't think a little bit of tulle peeking out from under a dress should deserve such looks of disapproval - I think it's quite adorable!

    I experienced a similar wild style obsession a few years ago after watching the movie Wasabi, a french film which takes place in Japan, and the girl in the movie wears this fabulous orange tulle skirt. I did in fact find one on ebay and buy it. I only had the guts to wear it out in public once.

    Love your new boots - hopefully they will become more comfy!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I love the underskirt. I'm actually glad you posted the pic without it last cause I love it so much with that it seemed like it was missing a personality element without it.

  3. I will just say that you're awesome for rocking it and people just aren't used to seeing someone exhibit style. It IS the Midwest, like you pointed out. Sometimes, don't you just wish you lived in Japan?

    I love the boots. I am in love with some Gianni Bini boots that I found at Dillards and will probably be buying them when I get paid. Sigh, too bad they are $80. Worth it, though!

  4. I'm surprised that people were gawking at such an adorable, girly outfit. If a woman who was looking unfashionably "Midwestern" didn't like your outfit, but the ladies at Betsey Johnson did, I'd say you did a darn good job!

    (p.s. I'm announcing a giveaway on Tuesday, so be sure to swing by!)

  5. You have such a fun, cute, and quirky blog. I love it!! and I love this dress with the poof underneath. There will always be someone that will judge another's outfit, but I think that's what makes fashion so great. You need to have fun with what you wear and not take it so seriously, otherwise, what's the point? At least that's my fashion philosophy. :) Oh and confidence... it's one of the best accessories and I'm sure you've got tons of that!

    xx Love & Aloha
    **Swing on by to enter my giveaway!

  6. Gahhhh!!!

    Your outfit is SO FABULOUS, I want to die. Seriously. The dress is gorgeous by itself but when you pair it with the tulle skirt and have a little of it showing, it transforms into possibly the most amazing thing ever! I seriously want to copy this look. Where do I get a tulle skirt in KC?!

    The boots and cardigan look equally fab with it.

    I am horrified and offended people were giving you weird looks. If my friends and I had seen you walking on the Plaza we would have totally been freaking out and definitely would have said something to you!! I guess that makes us Betsey Johnson-ish girls. Lol.

    You rock.

  7. i love your style. I have been desperately into florals right now.

  8. I like it better with the underskirt definitely

  9. I think this outfit is sooo cute - ignore the haters!!!

    Sal xXx


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