Friday, July 13, 2012


Fun fact:

I am going on vacation with the boyfran in a few months. I think we're going to a few cities in Europe.

Less fun fact:

This is really going to cut into my shopping addiction.

In the interest of avoiding purchases, here is my list of things I want to buy but won't (well, maybe just one).



  1. Robin!
    You blogged!!!
    And you are going to europe? that is so not fair. (unless you take me with you, three's company, ya know?)

    And if I had to pick, get one of the striped skirts. They look easy and comfortable and you will definitely want one for your travels.

    It's funny, last week I was looking at my blog roll and cleaning it up a little, taking off some of the blogs who just haven't posted in forever. and yours was there, last updated a year ago, but I wouldn't take it off. You were the first person who ever commented on my blog and i just couldn't. And then bam, I look and there you are back at the top again.

    So Hi.
    I've missed you!

    Chic on the Cheap

    1. I missed you too Lydia! Blog pals for life, girl!

  2. I hope you post more as well! I fell in love with your blog from the title. I have a similar endeavor, my own response to Sex and the City.. it's called Hot Mess in Manhattan: the Musical. Check it out if you like, I'm hoping to find like minded women out there that will appreciate what I'm doing.. cheers and have a great trip!


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