Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I Am Currently Crushing On:

1. Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. Specifically, her makeup. The movie is a bit slow for me (and I'm barely into hour 2 of 4) but her makeup is totally worth it. Look at those eyebrows!

She also has a bunch of great dresses that are all slit down practically to her navel. I'm constantly on the lookout for dresses that are super low cut (I have a smaller chest, so it looks less risque on me) and I would love to have one of these!

2. This Fossil bag. I made the collossal mistake of going into the store yesterday and was totally mesmerized. Fossil bags are generally my aesthetic anyway (leather, lots of detail, kind of rugged, etc), and this new one is loooovely. I keep looking at my existing Fossil bag with some sadness. This one folds over!

When I went in, the salesgirl told me they'd just set up for Christmas, and that I looked a lot like the models in the Christmas catalog. I was flattered (but baffled) until I realized a lot of them are pale with blunt brown bangs. Ah.

3. Nail buffers. Did you all know these existed? I feel totally out of the loop. This girl in the mall pulled me aside and buffed my nails- they looked like they had clear polish! I turned down their increasingly discounted offers, figuring I'd pick up a buffer at Walgreens. It was only $2, but the results are noticeably different. I'm trying to justify spending $35 for nails that always look shiny and polished...

4. Fable 3. 'Nuf said.


  1. Oh my gawd. If I had makeup talent, life would be SO different. Liz Taylor's makeup is so effing fabulous in that movie!! Sigh.

    And I'm totally freaking out over that fossil bag. That is the most fabulous purse ever. I'm kind of scared I'm going to head over to the Fossil store now and accidentally purchase it.

    Also, maybe you could capitalize on your gorgeous Fossil-nish look and see if you could model for them. I mean, what if they paid their models in free bags?!?! Definitely check it out.

    And yes, the nail buffer. My mom is a cosmetologist and introduced me to those a while ago. Me loves. :P

    I hope you have a great week! Looking forward to Thursday!

  2. Oh that fossil bag! why must they make such gorgeous bags? I seriously want that bag. Badly.

    I think i get stopped by the nail buffer people every time I go to the mall. I got suckered into buying one several years ago, so that is my default response - "got it."

    One thing I don't got is shiny nails though. I never manage to keep up with it, no matter how good my intentions.

    And RPGs...
    I miss playing them. Somehow I stopped making time to play, and now I think I have about three sitting in the shrink wrap. which makes me a little sad. I think the last game I played (and finished) was Okami. It was very adorable and fun.

  3. Oh hey! The same thing happened to me at the Mall, it was for Deep Sea Cosmetics. The Lady there tired to sell me two foxes for 80 dollars but if you talk to them you can get them to sell you one box for 25 dollars its so completely worth it!

  4. i've always loved those upper arm snake bracelets. had a really great silver one years ago. haven't been able to find another one since.


  5. The nail buffer is totally worth it, considering you can make your nails look professionally done as often as needed and it's just a one-time cost. I used to spend $30 every 2 weeks on a professional manicure...



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