Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Black Leather Jacket.

Sometimes I get an item of clothing in my head and cannot stop thinking about it. For example, a while back it was cowboy boots. I now have a great pair of Tony Lamas, but I'm having a bit of difficulty breaking them in.

Before the cowboy boots it was a good leather jacket. I've been struggling with finding just the right one. At first I was going for a brown bomber because I like the aviator vibe and brown leather is always my favorite. I was very strict that it had to be leather. But of course, this wasn't great for my wallet.

So I tried Etsy and Ebay. I did eventually find a leather jacket and buy it, but it was a really wrong shape for me. I sold it on Craiglist (and profited a little!).

I then decided that a more sleek silhouette is better for me. Also, I'm kind of smitten with the rolled sleeve look. I realized that I would need to allow for faux leather ($$), and switch to black because my purse and shoe collections lean very heavily toward brown leather land, and I was getting pretty matchy. Now I'm looking at one very similar to this:

I already have daydreams of wearing it (and being able to justify buying it).

Black Leather Jacket 1

Black Leather Jacket 2

Black Leather Jacket 3


  1. Love love love the top brown bag...LOOOOOOVE.
    And that jacket is fab!

  2. I don't blame you for wanting a leather jacket. They are fun to play around with. I got mine a year ago and love to wear it with floral dresses, like you have pictured in the second collage. I love how you paired it in the other ensembles as well. Kind of makes me want to grab mine out of the closet and put together something fun! :P

    PS. We should hang out next week if you're free!! :P
    PPS. How have you been?!

  3. ahhh, the jacket is making me swoon, and reminding me it's about time i got mine out of the closet!
    (it was an ebay score {$50} and is leather from express when they used to make leather jackets)

    I'm stealing some of these outfits...

    hope you find your jacket soon!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. The whole stuff is very nice. Likes them all. Wanna some of them.

  5. Great stuff about some wonderful leather jackets and other accessories.

  6. that leather jacket look amazing..! i love your post :)


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