Saturday, May 8, 2010


Work has gone stark raving mad and I can barely look at the internet once I arrive home to my safe, cute, messy apartment. I am alive and I still love you very much. I feel especially guilty about not commenting on the blogs of some of my favorite girls! I will try to push through this so I can be better.

Some outfits I snapped pictures of that I never posted... one is me going to a magazine launch party, and the other for a weekend with the family.

I have a new hairstyle now. Every time I go in to get my brown color touched up, and have my haircutter dude trim it up to be more clean-looking, I try to find something small to change. So my hair is now back to the dark I had it originally, and much more sleek and straight and sharp. Pictures as soon as I get motivation to leave my couch.


  1. Cute dresses! And I want your button boots!
    The leather bag is so gorgeous.

    It's crazy to be at work in front of a computer all day and then come home and be at the computer all night, so I completely understand!

    Love you too - hope work gets less crazy!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Adorable dresses - love the print in the second one, and your red belt really punches up the first.

    I'm with you on being anti-computer when you get home. I've been the worst blogger and commenter last week because I could barely stand being in front of yet another screen! Hope work perks up for ya!

  3. I love these outfits, especially the blue dress. You are so cute!

  4. You are TOO adorable!! :-)

    Can I borrow both of your belts, please??


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