Monday, October 18, 2010

The Mysterious Modcloth Restock.

Ah. As soon as I complained about the Biscotti Flat selling out at Modcloth and bought a different pair that I liked less, they restocked them!

Of course, my solution was to buy the Biscottis too. Can I afford it? Probably not. Will I have the willpower to send one pair back? We'll see!

The Gentlewoman Flat is adorable too. But I really wanted brown shoes! Hm.


  1. The Biscottis are super adorable. I bet they got a lot of complaints when those sold out, hence the restock. I wish I had money to go shoe shopping, lucky girl! ;)

  2. I once bought the same pair of shoes in both colors, planning on deciding which ones to keep once I saw them in person. of course I kept them both... good luck with that.

  3. It is really hard to relinquish something once it's in the house. But if you think you will end up ignoring the ones you have as soon as you get what you've been coveting, maybe you should send them back.

    The Biscotti oxfords are really cute... ohhh how I want a pair of oxfords!

  4. ugh, ive been looking everywhere for a shoe like the biscottis, i love the style and the simplicity, just in a darker brown. anyone got anything?


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